My Story

How I became the Natty Tippler

Whether swooning over a vintage dress or reeling from an online article, my immediate instinct is to post to Facebook. But I was recently hit over the head by the idea that perhaps my Facebook Friends and I had different interests. Deciding to stick mostly with family updates on Facebook from that point forward, I needed to find another outlet.

Blogging was it. Like millions before me, I had finally seen the light. What better way than an online podium with a dedicated group of followers to shout out my everyday agonies and ecstasies? Once I found a niche and bought a domain, I could put “blogger” at the top of my resume. Of course the fear of inadequacy haunted me, but as Dolly Parton said, “find out who you are and do it on purpose”.

 With that in mind, I purposely walked to the bookstore and bought Blog Inc., by Joy Cho.   In the book, she asks the following questions:

  • What are your interests and passions?
  • What topics seem most fun to share with others?

She then goes on to say,

“A blog gives you the perfect excuse to not only immerse yourself in this pursuit, but pushes you to stay on top of it. “

Internalizing Dolly’s advice while considering Joy’s writing led to the following realizations:

  • Nothing excites me more than a beautiful dress and a perfect cocktail
  • A lot is revealed by the clothing that we wear and the drinks that we drink
  • “Does my drink match my dress?” is a pretty weighty question

At that moment I became The Natty Tippler: On a quest for style and spirits.